On March 12, Angel Guardians Inc. (www.AngelGuardians.org, AGI) members, hundreds of DSP’s, individuals with disabilities and members of the community filled the capitol building in support of an increase in funding for support services. The building was filled wall to wall with supporters carrying signs and posters to advocate for this much needed funding.

“Advocating for our DSP’s is something we strive to do every single day, and we will continue to push toward the funding that is needed,” said a representative from Angel Guardians.

Angel Guardians, Inc. serves individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in the Omaha Metro. AGI has a goal of creating an inclusive environment where people with, and without, disabilities can live, work and play. AGI works to empower people with disabilities to make their own choices and create relationships in the Omaha community. Programming for AGI includes day services, art programming, vocational training and respite services. If you’d like more information, please visit www.AngelGuardians.org, reach out to Executive Director Sam Comfort at (402) 614-8202 or email info@AngelGuardians.org.