Amplify Arts and Millwork Commons Announce Completion of Community Mural

Amplify Arts ( and Millwork Commons have announced the completion of a mural entitled “The Keeper of Stories” by artists Reggie LeFlore, Nicholas Miller, and norm4eva on three stacked shipping containers at 12th and Izard Streets. The organizations held an unveiling celebration in front of the mural on November 1.

Selected by a jury of local arts community members, the three artists were challenged to develop a concept using the three 500-square-foot containers that, when stacked, would create one cohesive piece. The artists have been working together since early September. Each received a $6,000 stipend.

A long-term vision for the Millwork Commons neighborhood, which will become home to tech company Flywheel next summer, is to strengthen Omaha’s urban core and help define the city as a culturally vibrant and inclusive place. The mural represents a collection of “legends, knowledge, and wisdom” spanning generations. It depicts a woman on one side and a lion on the other.

Millwork Commons is a collaborative community in Omaha designed to inspire and support the work of innovators and creators. Located on approximately 50 acres at 13th and Nicholas St., Millwork Commons is restoring 140-year-old buildings to meet the needs of today’s workers and residents and designing new buildings to complement the historic feel. The neighborhood will include a variety of housing options as well as distinctive businesses such as coffee shops, restaurants, and services.

Amplify Arts (formerly Omaha Creative Institute) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to promote unity, innovation, and progress in the arts to build strong and vibrant communities. To learn more about Amplify Arts please visit