Aksarben Foundation Magazine Weighs Effects of COVID on Nebraska’s Future

The Aksarben Foundation (aksarben.org) recently released a 2020 Spirit of Aksarben special-edition magazine, which features interviews with more than 50 leaders from across Nebraska to understand how different industries and communities have been impacted by COVID-19 and are adapting, learning, and overcoming together. The goal is to learn, to find the positives in the chaos, and to change the narrative from one of fear and separation to one of strength and unity. The report notes examples of strength, perseverance, and innovation amid incredible uncertainty.

What becomes clear is that the side effects of the health crisis go beyond the physical. COVID-19 is impacting our economic health and our mental health, as well. Nebraskans are hungry for unity. Many have said that things will never be the same after this, and perhaps they’re right. The Aksarben Foundation’s conclusion is that, as Nebraska emerges from this pandemic and businesses and schools resume more traditional schedules, we must continue to focus on Nebraska’s strengths. There lies another threat to our state’s economy that outweighs even the pandemic, though, and that is the lack of skilled workers, which has created a workforce problem that is stifling economic growth. Get the details in the 2020 Spirit of Aksarben at aksarben.org/covid-19-impact/.

For 125 years, the Aksarben Foundation has been working with public, private, civic, and philanthropic leaders across Nebraska to address issues facing the state. Two years ago, Aksarben repositioned its mission to focus its energy on the issue of workforce development for Nebraska. Since that time, extensive research and analysis have been completed to take a holistic approach to addressing these challenges both by industry and by region, resulting in the launch of several workforce development initiatives. For more information, visit aksarben.org or call (402) 554-9600.