AIM ( Code School, a State Department of Education accredited school, launched two technical training cohorts shortly after the new year. First, its Foundations of Technology cohort helped participants navigate through the basics of technology including: networking, IT infrastructure, at- home troubleshooting and WordPress site creation. The instructor facilitated the class in a Spanish/English bilingual format, making this AIM’s first bilingual course offering, which received positive feedback from students.

AIM’s popular Foundations of Web Development launched mid-January. While still in progress, this class is currently on pace to certify eight participants, all with refugee status. Students in this class will graduate equipped with the ability to produce front-end code necessary for website creation. Additionally, this skill set allows students to begin creating work samples that can be used to network with and apply to local tech companies. This class is unique in that all students are practicing Muslims; AIM’s community partner, International Council for Refugees and Immigrants, connected these participants with AIM Institute. This class is comprised of students from Afghanistan, Burkina Faso and Tajikistan.

For more information on all of AIM Institute’s tech classes, visit AIM’s website,, or contact / (402) 979-8324.