New Mobile App, Tippl Helps Bars and Restaurants Recover from COVID

Tippl (, a new mobile app created to help bars and restaurants recover from COVID, has partnered with local establishments that allow people who download and subscribe to the app the ability to redeem a free alcoholic beverage when visiting.

In just the first year of the pandemic, the National Restaurant Association reported that roughly 110,000 U.S. eating and drinking establishments closed their businesses. So, during the height of the first outbreak, a group of local friends came together to solve this problem – the answer was tipple. Tipple is a word not often used today, meaning “a drink”, or “to drink moderately but regularly”. The founders of Tippl, tipple without the “e”, a new Omaha mobile app, believe that offering a free alcoholic beverage could motivate people to adventure out to support local bars and restaurants.

Tippl’s services allow for the redemption of one alcoholic beverage per user per day and twice per month at the same location. This unique approach generates new customers, increases frequency of visits, and promotes a fun experience.

“We want to make sure to safely promote these services,” said Taylor Darlington, co-founder. “Tippl is an app for people, 21 years of age or older, to redeem an alcoholic beverage. It remains the responsibility of each affiliate-location to verify the age of persons attempting to redeem an alcoholic beverage.”

“Let’s be reminded of a time when togetherness, comradery, friendship, and support were everyday occurrences,” said Mark Wong, co-founder.

“Tippl is simple too,” said Matt Moore, co-founder. “All you have to do is choose a location, show Tippl to your server, and tap to redeem your drink.”

If you find Tippl’s mission compelling, learn more at or join the adventure by downloading the app and then go grab a drink!