Bio Nebraska Life Sciences Association announces the executive board’s decision to appoint Phil Kozera and Kendra Wilson as executive director and assistant executive director, respectively, to augment the depth and breadth of Bio Nebraska’s capabilities and expand its representation throughout the state.

Phil Kozera and Kendra Wilson will manage the organization and utilize SCORR Marketing’s specialized marketing expertise in the life science and bioscience industries beginning September 16, 2011.

Bio Nebraska Life Sciences Association serves as an advocate and resource for the Nebraska biosciences industry, which includes agricultural feedstock and chemicals; drugs and pharmaceuticals; medical devices and equipment; and research, testing and medical laboratories. The company provides the opportunity for partnerships with biosciences companies, as these organizations are rapidly growing within the state of Nebraska.

The mission of Bio Nebraska is to be the champion of biotechnology and to advocate for its member organizations promoting academic, industry and government partnerships to foster the growth of life sciences within Nebraska. Nebraska biotechnology researchers expand the boundaries of science to benefit mankind by providing better health care, enhanced agriculture, and a cleaner and safer environment, creating opportunities for economic development within the state.

For more information about Bio Nebraska Life Sciences Association, please contact Kelly Sladek at (308) 237-5567 or visit us online at