The new B&B Theatres ( Oakview Plaza 14 location recently opened in southwest Omaha near Oak View Mall, and it has become a hot spot for private events. Replacing the former Oak View Plaza 24, which closed in November 2020, B&B remodeled the facility to offer the best in digital projection and audio with unparalleled comfort in heated reclining seats! Omaha is also home to four of B&B Theatres’ exclusive theatrical amenity, The Grand Screen, with more premium amenities rolling in still. In addition to movies, the location also offers alcoholic drinks and hot food at the Marquee Bar.

Many of the theatres are available to rent for private events, which is a unique experience for your employees, customers, or families. These private screenings are perfect for businesses that want to treat customers or employees to something special. They are also great for birthday celebrations, special family occasions, school parties, and more.

B&B Theatres Oakview Plaza 14 is scheduled to get at least one auditorium with ScreenX capabilities. ScreenX auditoriums feature theater screens on the side walls in addition to the traditional screen on the front wall, giving viewers a 270-degree perspective.

B&B Theatres, which has been family-owned and operated since 1924, is the fifth-largest theater chain in North America with 54 locations across 14 states. Their Omaha location marks the chain’s first expansion into Nebraska. For more information, visit the website at or call (402) 415-2261.