State Treasurer Don Stenberg announced that the Nebraska Educational Savings Trust (NEST) has awarded $10,340 in automatic investment plan bonuses.  The bonuses will be deposited into NEST Direct and NEST Advisor accounts across the country.
In May, Stenberg along with the NEST Direct and NEST Advisor 529 College Savings Plans, announced a $25 Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) Bonus, to be deposited into NEST Direct and NEST Advisor accounts for which an AIP was established during the month of May and an AIP contribution was made by June 30.

AIP is a savings option that allows participants to automatically contribute to their NEST Direct or NEST Advisor accounts directly from their personal checking or savings bank accounts.  The contributions are set up on a recurring basis, usually monthly, making contributions easier and more convenient for plan participants.  AIP can be established at the time of account opening or later by logging into the account.

The addition of the AIP Bonus is a reflection of one of the many enhancements introduced by First National Bank when it took over as program manager of NEST in December 2010.

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