Mosaic at Home® Offers Satisfaction Many Workers Seek During Great Resignation

Almost every industry is experiencing workforce shortages from the pandemic and the subsequent Great Resignation. So, Mosaic in Omaha ( is encouraging people who are seeking work that they fi nd satisfying beyond a paycheck to consider being a Mosaic at Home provider.

The Bonilla family has been a host home provider with Mosaic for three years.

“All indicators show workforce shortages will continue the rest of this year,” said Mosaic in Omaha Associate Director
Tyler Andersen. “We’re in a unique position to offer people satisfying contractor work with our service line Mosaic at
Home. It gives them a great deal of control over their schedules, competitive pay, and it fits well with their lifestyles.”

Through Mosaic at Home, a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) shares a residence with a Mosaic independent contractor who helps the person be an active member of the household and the greater community. To meet the desire of many people with IDD wanting more personalized services, Mosaic is actively expanding Mosaic at Home.

“Mosaic at Home is our fastest-growing support model because it’s a win-win for the person served and for the contractor,” added Andersen. “The retention rates are higher because it’s such enriching work; I anticipate continued growth in this service.”

Mosaic in Omaha is part of Mosaic, which is a whole-person healthcare organization reaching across 13 states in more than 750 communities and providing supports to more than 5,200 people. If you’re interested in Mosaic at Home as an independent contractor, please contact Andersen via email at or by phone at (402) 321-2982. To learn more about Mosaic, please visit