Each Christmas season, MICAH House (themicahhouse.org) depends upon the generosity of the community to help make holidays festive for clients. One of the most important goals for MICAH House is to ensure all children have presents on December 25.

Business groups and community members generously hosted successful toy drives in the month of December. The gifts arrived just in time for parent shopping days, in which parents selected a few favorites for each child. The then wrapped gifts were ready to go for Christmas day. MICAH House was also able to achieve its Giving Tuesday goal: to have a Christmas stocking for each client to open on Christmas Day because of amazing donations.

MICAH House is so thankful for the dedication and thoughtfulness of businesses and individuals in the community. If you are interested in hosting an in-kind drive throughout the year, please visit the MICAH House website www.themicahhouse.org to learn more. You can also contact Jenny Andersen, marketing and community development specialist at jandersen@themicahhouse.org, or (712) 323-4416 ext. 2101.