After 15 years in business, Lotus House, LLC ( is keeping up with the times and launching their newly developed fitness yoga app. The pandemic hit the fitness industry hard, specifically yoga studios because of the close proximity to others inside the studio.

Anne Sweet and Mary Clare Sweet, owners of Lotus House, were already ahead of the rush to create an online presence and offer yoga classes to those who practiced at home.

“We were six months into the creation of our on-demand platform when COVID hit, so we poured all of our energy, talent, and time into fast tracking this unique business opportunity,” said Anne.

They launched their first version with Lotus On The Go, and then went to work on the full build out that includes online streaming and apps for Android and Apple. Lotus House created a recording studio and experimented with many different technologies to create just what they wanted. They offer yoga classes for all levels, yoga teacher training schools, meditation, restorative classes, and their own reality-based Lotus Spirit Sessions.

You can login today for a free week of Lotus House at Download the app from the app store to stream on your phone so you can practice anytime and anywhere you like. For further information, contact Anne at (480) 415-2900 or at