Loophire Announces $300K Seed Round to Disrupt the Recruitment Industry

Silicon Prairie Startup, Loophire (loophire.com) has secured $300,000 of seed funding in its first round. Nebraska Angels introduced the company to the first investor in this round, U.S. Property led by Monte Froehlich. The investment will serve to enhance the backend of their software and to expand the Loophire team in key areas to allow the company to scale both users and services. Since launching in February 2021 with pre-seed support from Omaha entrepreneur James Manske, Loophire has quickly shown traction by securing national and local company contracts, attracting an impressive candidate pool, and facilitating more than 50 successful hires while steadily growing monthly revenues.

As the economy awakens from 2020, job vacancies have skyrocketed to higher than pre-pandemic levels. Worker confidence, however, has not rebounded as well. Loophire addresses that critical gap in the hiring process—applicant experience. With more than two-thirds of job applicants reporting they have been turned off by a bad interview experience, companies cannot afford to be disengaged or unresponsive in a competitive jobs market. Loophire increases the probability of hire by 65% from “Introduction” to “Accepted Offer” through their streamlined approach. Because they deliver results at a fraction of the traditional cost, even smaller businesses and the qualified candidates they hire can access a superior hiring experience.

For employers, Loophire goes beyond resumes to provide candidate assessments for skills, culture, and long-term fit, preliminary screening interviews, and customized services at performance-based pricing. For job applicants, Loophire provides career coaching, timeline and career growth transparency, and regular communication throughout the hiring process. The result is a high-touch, curated experience for both companies and candidates. To learn more, visit loophire.com.