LincTrack GPS Solutions Celebrates 10 Years

LincTrack GPS Solutions ( recently marked 10 years of business in November! The GPS solutions company was started by Kelly Jensen and aims to help businesses save money on fleet costs by monitoring company vehicles. Since their start in Nebraska, they have acquired two other wireless companies located in St. Louis, MO, and Mount Olive, NJ to offer nationwide sales and support.

When you work with LincTrack, you use powerful GPS tracking software and devices to help track job time. Their solutions provide you with current asset location, position history, speed and landmark alerts, and extensive reporting, all without needing to purchase hardware. Their devices install in a matter of seconds with their new plug-and-play style GPS hardware. LincTrack uses 4G integrated products, including 4K dash cams with AI that detects driver behavior and accident recovery footage from the vehicle.

LincTrack GPS Solutions is a national company that sells fleet management GPS solutions, and is recognized as the largest GPS supplier in the Midwest. LincTrack’s services allow business owners to monitor where their employees are when they are driving company vehicles. This helps them to better manage their fleets and save money through fuel savings, lower insurance costs, improved routing inefficiencies, and reduced vehicle wear and tear or unauthorized usage. GPS tracking also helps increase driver safety and helps managers detail the exact amount of time spent on a job. To learn more information, visit, contact them at (402) 314-0037, or follow them on Facebook (@LincTrack).