KVC Health Systems recently presented its 41st Hero Award to Robert and Will Scott of the Kinder Porter Scott Foundation at its annual meeting. The Scott brothers were recognized for their dedication to KVC Behavioral HealthCare Nebraska and its mission of enriching and enhancing the lives of Nebraska children and families.

Last year, as KVC Health Systems celebrated its 40th anniversary, it recognized 40 heroes who, through their unwavering support, had made a profound impact on the organization throughout the past four decades. The annual meeting is a chance to gather KVC staff members, stakeholders and those special heroes to celebrate the successes that they have inspired in the past year.

Among those heroes were Robert and Will Scott, who made the nearly five-hour drive to Kansas City to receive the award. The Kinder Porter Scott Foundation has been a leader in supporting KVC Nebraska’s efforts with the Families Matter initiative and has become a valued community partner.

KVC Health Systems
is one of the lead agencies in Nebraska’s Families Matter initiative and serves children and families in crisis in 19 southeast and eastern counties.

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