Even before the sun comes up each day, the lights are on at KOSAMA Complete Body Transformation’s three Omaha locations.  If you walk by a KOSAMA facility, you can’t help but feel the energy from the music and the sounds of encouragement from the fitness instructors.  Peek in the window and you’ll see women and men sweating out one more push-up, kicking the heavy bag or, on Saturday’s, reenergizing with Yoga.

Look in a KOSAMA Complete Body Transformation facility during the month of October and you’ll see something a little different – PINK!  Throughout the month of October, KOSAMA instructors, coaches and members will be wearing pink shirts to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Brent Dierking, KOSAMA General Manager, points out that multiple studies have found that regular, vigorous activity is linked to the prevention of breast cancer, as well as many other forms of cancer. Regular exercise reduces the death rate among women who have had breast cancer, which hits about 211,000 U.S. women and kills about 40,000 each year, making it the most common cancer and second biggest cancer killer, after lung cancer, among women. The study comes on the heels of one that for the first time indicated that low-fat diets can reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrences.

KOSAMA Complete Body Transformation is proud to join in the fight against breast cancer.

To sign up for their October 17th session call (402) 707-6254 or visit us online at www.kosamaomaha.com.