As of January 1, Kingery Construction ( has acquired Omaha Construct Inc. and welcomed their team with open arms. The acquisition of Construct Inc. fits into Kingery Construction’s strategy of providing excellent commercial construction services to the communities of Nebraska.

The additional expertise and knowledge that the employees possess will ensure that Kingery Construction remains a top-notch provider of construction services for years to come. Since the acquisition, they have started projects with Ralston High School, Mockingbird Community Center, and D.B. Property with Voss Electric.

“After nearly 100 years in Lincoln we are excited to expand into the Omaha market with Construct Inc.,” says Rod Berens, president and co-owner of Kingery Construction Co.

Kingery Construction was established by brothers William and Everett in 1924. The company remained in the Kingery family for four generations until 2013 when Rod Berens and Rick Wintermute, both long term employees, became the leaders taking the company into the future.

Kingery Construction Co. believes the construction process goes beyond the building and strives to build legacies for every owner through the construction process. They believe this is far more than building a structure; it’s about building relationships with their clients and partners, creating a quality product that is timeless, and speaks to a community of owners and employees that spend a large portion of their day in the building. To learn more, visit