Every quarter the Veterans in Business Forum (VIBF) recognizes one member who has gone above and beyond the normal realm of service in his/her support of veterans, military personnel, or their families.  This quarter, Jim Meier was presented with the VIBF quarterly award on 1 July 2011 at the VIBF monthly event.

This award was presented to Jim for his personal support and professional dedication in making the “2010 Salute to Vietnam Veterans Night” at Rosenblatt Stadium, and the “2011 Salute to Military Personnel Night” at Ameritrade Stadium in Omaha, NE successful events. With the assistance of Creighton University and the VIBF, Jim dedicated hours of his personnel time to ensure success and effectiveness of both events. The VIBF congratulates him on his award recognition and thanks him for his continuing dedication in the support of United States military service members.

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