At Heartland Workers Center (HWC,, safety is about more than reducing the number of claims a company files in a year; it’s a tool for retention, employee engagement, and overall well-being.

Keeping employees returning to work is even more important considering two major predicaments, one being the current unemployment rate, which sits at 2.4% for the State of Nebraska as of October 2022. The second is increased cash flow for construction projects courtesy of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

HWC offers leadership development programs, a worker’s rights program, and a worker’s action program to help spread awareness and open communication between employees and employers. Building communication skills is beneficial to everyone, which is why HWC expanded its programming to include a leadership development program exclusively for women. In its second year, it has helped 40 women find their voice in the workplace and their communities.

Recognizing that workers’ rights can be influenced by external factors, such as policies and laws, HWC wants to help minorities engage in civic conversations. Prior to the General Election, HWC created the “I Vote For My Family” campaign encouraging individuals to consider how their vote extends to their family, friends, and community.

Companies interested in scheduling bilingual OSHA training or supporting Heartland Workers Center are encouraged to visit its brand-new website at to view services and programs.