After nearly two years of searching and tasting, we finally crafted a vanilla shake healthy and delicious enough to live up to the Shakeology name. Not only does Vanilla Shakeology taste unbelievably good, it’s also incredibly and undeniably good for you. So while this rich and creamy treat might taste like the world’s most delectable dessert, this superfood-packed shake is actually your daily dose of dense nutrition.  While a lot of other vanilla shakes claim to use “natural vanilla,” their dirty little secret is that most so-called “natural vanilla” flavors actually use harsh chemical additives—which make them not natural at all. But NOT our vanilla!  The vanilla beans used in Vanilla Shakeology come from deep inside the lush jungles of Madagascar, a remote island perched off the eastern edge of South Africa. We have partnered with a vanilla source that certifies complete traceability of our vanilla—from bean to bag. And through our purchase of these particular beans, we’re helping to invest in a wide variety of training for the rural vanilla farmers.  All Shakeology formulas are completely pure, natural, whole-food products and do not contain any fillers, preservatives or chemical additives.  Only the good stuff!

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