Oh, how the times have changed. It wasn’t all that long ago when consumers purchased “cell” phones as a sound insurance policy, often stored in the glove box of the car, to be used in case one was stranded somewhere along the side of the road.

These days, losing connectivity to the wireless world for less than a day can leave one feeling stranded.

There’s no doubt, the wireless phone has become a staple in our personal and professional lives and our expectations and needs of this product have never been greater.

Cox, the company that ushered in cable television, high speed internet and digital telephone has, you guessed it, launched a wireless offering in the Omaha-metro area. Last year, Omaha was selected as one of three Cox launch markets for its new wireless product. The service was introduced locally in November, just in time for the 2010 retail holiday season.

Launching new products and services in Omaha is not new to Cox. “Our Omaha market has long been recognized as an innovator in the industry,” stated Mark Caniglia, Vice President of Marketing. “Local Cox customers were among the first to experience high definition ‘HD’ television and our popular Digital Telephone service. We have a track record of success testing new products that have been rolled out to other Cox markets across the country.”

The wireless world is competitive and Cox is in it to win. If you stop by one of its new retail Solution Stores, you will be greeted by friendly and helpful associates including a personal concierge who can guide you to the appropriate sales representative or educator for assistance.

In a Cox Solutions Store, you’ll discover a wide array of devices and service plans designed to fulfill communications needs that fit any budget. “Our offering is unbelievably fair,” said Bruce Kenkel, Cox Wireless Product Manager. “Now, more than ever, customers are seeking a wireless provider who can deliver both exceptional customer service and great value. They don’t want to choose between the two and with our service they don’t have to.”

An attractive feature of the Cox service is the “Money Back Minutes” policy where consumers will receive a credit on their statement for unused minutes up to as much as $20 a month, depending on the plan. In addition, Cox offers usage alerts to help avoid overages – an attractive feature for parents managing the texting plans for their teenagers.

The devices offered by Cox are also very competitive and many utilize the widely praised Android technology. As you delve into the overall selection, you’ll uncover several options and features including smartphones, music support, multi-media, touch screens, messaging, cameras, mobile broadband and much more. Like other providers, Cox stays current by updating its devices regularly so consumers can have their pick of the most current technology.

One of the most striking differentiators is the ability for Cox customers to bundle all of their communications services with one company. No other wireless or cable company can make that claim. An obvious win for Cox consumers who bundle is the ability to receive discounted or upgraded service by purchasing a combination of cable, internet and phone services.

The wireless phone represents the culmination of all Cox products, right there in the palm of your hand. The entry into the wireless arena is a smart and intuitive move for the company. Today’s wireless user will use their handheld device to watch
TV shows, browse the internet, check email and schedule their DVR.

As the winner of several prestigious JD Powers awards, Cox has long been recognized as a leader in customer service. This commitment to the customer, coupled with bundled benefits, “money back minutes” and robust devices makes Cox a standout in today’s cluttered and competitive wireless marketplace.

For more information about Cox, visit their website at www.cox.com