Dr. David Hunnicutt, the President of the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) provided a dynamic presentation for Wellness Council of the Midlands (WELCOM) members in Omaha on June 11th.  David’s first priority was to teach attendees how to develop communications that effectively engage each and every employee in the betterment of their own health. To do this, David revealed the secrets of creating communications that create interest and result in action. As a result of this presentation, WELCOM members walked away with the knowledge of exactly how to create communications that empower every member of an organization to take action.  Programs, such as the June 11th Symposium, are FREE for WELCOM members.  Join WELCOM today to gain access to resources, education and ready-to-use tools related to workplace wellness initiatives.

Visit www.wellnesscouncil.org or call 402-934-5795 for more information.