OIC is pleased to announce their one year anniversary.  The first of its kind in Omaha, OIC houses the most effective mind/body therapies under one roof—yoga, massage, acupuncture, nutrition and counseling. From the care and thoughtful guidance of our practitioners to the tranquil energy of the building itself, everything about the experience at OIC is healing and supportive.

Omaha Integrative Care opened August 1, 2011 with a focus on infertility and women’s health issues.  In response to the demand for integrative care services for other areas of health such as oncology, stress-related illnesses and overall health and wellbeing, OIC is now offering services for anyone who takes an active role in their health and well-being.

All services are provided by highly qualified practitioners who work with client’s physicians when indicated.  People come to OIC to address specific health issues such as cancer or recovery from cancer; stress-related illnesses such as heart disease, chronic pain, high blood pressure and others; infertility; emotional distress; and women’s health issues.  Many come to establish a healthy wellness plan or improve their quality of life.

OIC provides a place of respite for all who are looking to become an active part in their health and well-being.

For more information about Omaha Integrative Care, please visit their official website at www.omahaic.com.