Rachelle McGuigan, a licensed Physical Therapist with more than 11 years of experience in the Omaha metro, announced the grand opening of Infinity Wellness at 156th and Maple Streets.

Infinity Wellness is a new approach to holistic health and wellness in Omaha. The center exists to guide those with pain, disability, or simply the will to improve, toward positive lifestyle changes by providing integrated treatment, accountability tools, and a positive, caring environment. Combining traditional health care, alternative medicine, and wellness practices in one place, Infinity Wellness offers a holistic approach to better health.

A unique membership program offers clients three different levels of participation based on how often they wish to attend and which services they wish to access. Infinity Wellness offers personal training, consultation in nutrition, massage, group fitness classes, and more. Rachelle McGuigan’s physical therapy practice is located inside Infinity Wellness. Her specialty includes extensive knowledge and practice in biomechanics and hands-on techniques to help regain lost joint function.

To learn more about Infinity Wellness, contact Rachelle McGuigan, owner, at (402) 885-8855, or visit: InfinityWellnessOmaha.com.