Horizon Rehabilitation Centers Announces the Opening of Medical Fitness Solutions, LLC

Horizon Rehabilitation Centers opened a new medical fitness center—Medical Fitness Solutions, LLC (www.Medfit4us.com)—at 8642 F St. in Omaha. The center specializes in fitness services designed to promote general conditioning, in addition to health and wellness for individuals with medical conditions. Their aim is to help members reduce the occurrence and/or severity of chronic conditions by formulating individualized, medically supervised, health-related exercise programs and providing healthy living education. Medical Fitness Solutions helps people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, obesity, joint stiffness, chronic illness, and even those without an official diagnosis.

The fitness clinic’s medically supervised fitness hours make Medical Fitness Solutions, LLC stand out from other health clubs. Members can ask for direct supervision from one of the medically licensed professionals on standby while completing certain components of their fitness program. What’s more, members have access to “smart card” technology, which ensures they are properly fitted on machines, are performing according to their established weight loads, and measuring progress after every workout. Learn more about Medical Fitness Solutions by visiting www.Medfit4us.com or calling (531) 600-5672.