Brenda Ohlrich, MS, CCC-A, is the newest audiologist at ENT Specialists, PC. ENT Specialists, PC, now employs three board-certified audiologists: Ken Stallons, MS, FAAA, Misty Mueller, MS, CCC-A and Brenda Ohlrich, MS, CCC-A.  Brenda has past audiology experience in both the hospital and clinical settings. While working in the hospital setting at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, Brenda supervised a Newborn Hearing Screening Program and completed audiological evaluations for patients of all ages.  Her clinical experience was at Boys Town National Research Hospital where she performed audiological evaluations and hearing aid fittings.

Ken, Misty and Brenda provide comprehensive audiology services at ENT Specialists, including hearing tests in adults and children, VNG testing for balance disorders and hearing aid consultations.  Ken Stallons leads the Audiology and Hearing Aid Division at ENT Specialists, PC, and he also is currently serving as President of the Nebraska Hearing Society.

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