ENT Specialists now sells Siemens hearing aids in addition to ReSound and Starkey hearing aids.  It’s impossible for one hearing aid manufacturer to provide a solution to every hearing situation, which is why we use multiple hearing aid manufacturers.  Today’s hearing aids are technologically advanced, cosmetically appealing, comfortable, wireless, and have the ability to connect to many types of accessories that can truly enhance your quality of life.  ENT Specialists would like to remind people that hearing loss is relative to each individual, and therefore, each person requires a different treatment.  Hearing aids are not the solution for all hearing disabilities.  We recommend people with hearing concerns see a board-certified audiologist.  An audiologist has the experience and education that brings a high level of understanding of the different levels of hearing loss and the many treatments available.

ENT Specialists employs two board-certified audiologists, Ken Stallons, MS, FAAA and Misty Mueller, MS, CCC-A.

To learn more about Ken and Misty or about the hearing products ENT Specialists offers, visit them on the web at www.omahaent.com.