AffordableCollegesOnline (AC Online) recently ranked Clarkson College No. 6 in the U.S. in the category of Colleges Revolutionizing Online Education.  AC Online identified 34 other U.S. colleges and universities that continue to advance distance learning through new methods, cutting-edge technologies and/or increased availability and outreach.

Each of the colleges/universities identified in the AC Online Colleges Revolutionizing Online Education rankings not only utilize e-mail, chat and other basic technologies but also take online education to an entirely new level, leveraging tablets, real-time Q&A, Skype and other platforms to deliver world-class materials to thousands of students daily.

Clarkson College is a private, non-profit college in Omaha offering diploma, certificate and degree opportunities in the fields of Nursing, Health Care Business, Health Care Services, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiologic Technology, Medical Imaging, Imaging Informatics and Professional Development.  Clarkson College is an educational partner with The Nebraska Medical Center. For more information about Clarkson College, contact Mikaela Knipe at (402) 552-2685; toll free at (800) 647-5500; or visit