Nirvana Pointe Wellness Retreat is pleased to announce their 15th Annual Spring Retreat, to be held at the ONLY green/wellness retreat in a six state area, Nirvana Pointe Wellness Retreat in Ponca Hills Preserve, Omaha.  The event will be held June 18-19th.

This is the pinnacle holistic wellness retreat they have now offered for 15 years and is great for beginners in holistic practices and conscious living.  This retreat includes all delicious, organic meals, comfortable lodging and all amenities including a 30’ waterfall, hot tub, valleyview pool, gorgeous surroundings and a complete guided retreat.  Their programs focus on the breath—your key to unlock your full potential for healing, deep satisfaction and creating many miracles.

Lyndyn Sophia Stratbucker is the director/founder/internationally published therapist and researcher who will be sharing 30 years of experience and research in holistic healthcare and personal success with you in this retreat.  For more information, please visit or call (402) 551-0500.