Harmony Med Spa (www.harmonymedspa.net) is now offering Tirzepatide and Semaglutide weight loss programs. They will be having an informational coffee and conversation event on December 15, at 9:30 a.m. at their location, 6750 Mercy Rd. STE 4.

Dr. Bouda will be the guest speaker talking about weight loss goals, and how Tirzepatide and Semaglutide can help you achieve those goals for long term weight loss.

Tirzepatide and Semaglutide both work by mimicking a hormone called GLP-1 that targets areas of the brain that regulate appetite and food intake. Harmony Med Spa weight loss programs are administered by medical professionals who monitor body composition and vital signs weekly with each tiny injection.

Harmony Med Spa takes a comprehensive approach to treating all clients. They have an end goal to embark with you on your journey to your best self, with services as a support and their staff as an assistant along the journey. You can call to reserve your spot at the coffee and conversation event by calling (402) 915-6659, and find out more about Harmony at www.harmonymedspa.net.