FAMILY, Inc. ( is excited to recognize the efforts of an outstanding volunteer, Jessie Murphy. Jessie is a Council Bluffs native who has been volunteering with FAMILY since October. FAMILY holds their volunteers close to heart and their work never goes unnoticed.

Jessie has made a significant contribution by generously donating his time and talents to their organization. In the time he’s been volunteering, Jessie has donated over 42 hours, stickered over 2,500 books, prepared over 500 mailers, built a multitude of items that help the organization, and many other things.

“The reason why I love volunteering with FAMILY, Inc. is because they are very supportive, despite my hearing and medical problems,” said Jessie.

Volunteers are an essential part of FAMILY’s vision; a resilient community built on strong partnerships and trust with equitable opportunities to thrive. Volunteers boost their power, lighten the load, and exponentially increase their impact. Best of all, they do it because they believe in the cause and want to help. FAMILY has many on-going opportunities to volunteer such as preparing mailings, prepare incentive and home care bags for school sealant program, and many more. If you or your organization is interested in volunteering, please contact Jessica Navarrete at (712) 256-9566 Ext 214 or

FAMILY, Inc. is a human services organization with a mission to engage and educate the community, inspiring a healthy future through literacy, family, and public health services. To learn more, visit