EServ, LLC ( has established an operations software application for small businesses that is a single-platform solution. EServ addresses the frustrations of the small business owner who struggles with the use of multiple programs that do not share common information resulting in errors, reducing productivity and often resulting in user frustration.

EServ provides you, the business owner, the ability to simplify running your business on a day-to-day basis. EServ provides: single-entry lead management contact, scheduling, routing, projects and estimates, team and equipment management, inventory/purchasing including reporting, and one-time data entry throughout the entire process. EServ enables a company to maximize its potential and create an environment that is not only transparent, but also allows your team to realize goals and earn incomes they are proud of.

“EServ is a locally-owned Omaha based company. After 35 years of working and operating in the service industry we realized the need for software technology to help grow and automate our business,” said Todd Rannals, president and founder. “We tried other software programs; however, finding them too complicated or lacking, we created EServ.”

EServ will improve your customer experience, save you time, and increase your net profit. If you want to start this new year by getting your business operations running efficiently contact EServ at or visit their website at