EAD, Inc. is pleased to announce they have started a division to provide safety consulting services and training to external clients in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Kevin Schwartzer, Corporate Safety Director, will head the division. He offers over 30 years of experience in the safety industry.  Assisting Schwartzer is Dawn Peterson, Safety Specialist, who offers 15 years of safety experience.

Schwartzer and Peterson will be offering services such as, site safety assessments, project design review, operational safety review, health and hazard review, project safety inspections and project safety management. In addition, the safety division also offers services for Process Safety Management (PSM) including, combustible dust, OSHA PSM Programs, process hazard analysis, management of change, material and chemical compatibility reviews, machine guarding and electrical safety. Food safety techniques and training will also be available to clients including, HACCP Training, SQF Training, food safety construction assessments and food processing safety inspections and assessments.

The Safety Division can create a safety program or build upon an existing one, ultimately helping companies provide a healthy and safe place of employment while abiding by all regulations as they pertain to each industry.

EAD, Inc. was founded in April of 2001. In 2007 they formed four subsidiaries, EAD Engineering, EAD Constructors, EAD Control Systems and EAD Management Services.

For more information on EAD’s Safety Division or EAD, Inc., please contact Amy Thompson or visit our website: www.EADCorporate.com/safety.