Donate to CenterPointe’s Amazon Wish List to Help Individuals in their Services

CenterPointe ( is seeking donations from their Amazon wish list to provide individuals coming into their services with basic needs and hygiene items. Many of the individuals using their services have limited belongings and these items help them to feel comfortable while at CenterPointe. The wish list is full of items many of us take for granted but make a huge difference for the people they serve. Providing basic needs hygiene items helps people begin their journey to recovery with dignity. Visit to view their Amazon wish list and make a donation today.

CenterPointe is a whole health facility in Lincoln and Omaha providing mental and physical health services as well as substance use recovery treatment. They serve women, men, teens, and veterans. The majority of people receiving services at CenterPointe experience both severe and persistent mental illness and addiction issues, and many have very low or no income when they enter their programs. Guided by their holistic approach of open arms and open minds and by their steadfast belief that every person has the ability to recover, CenterPointe is helping people get better, sooner, for longer. For more information about the Amazon wish list, contact Bailey Wood at (402) 475-8717 ext. 133 / Learn more about CenterPointe online at or by calling (402) 475-8717.