Conductix-Wampfler Recognized as Leader in the Modern Automation Era

Conductix-Wampfler ( was featured in the April 2022 issue of Manufacturing in Focus where Andrew Dierks, director of marketing and product management, discusses how Conductix is moving towards modern automotive systems when it comes to cranes, people movers, light rail systems, and other manual automated mac hines.

With the market constantly changing, Conductix figured out a way to change with their clients’ needs. Not only is this method more efficient towards productivity, but it also addresses customer concerns when it comes to safety. By providing more sensors, controls, and cameras to the equipment, it eliminates unsafe scenarios for operators.

The Conductix-Wampfler division is now the largest global producer of systems and equipment for transferring energy and data for applications such as cranes and other material-handling equipment, people movers, light rail systems, amusement rides, and many types of automated machines. Condutix-Wampfler hosts 30 sales offices and 13 production facilities worldwide with regional headquarters located here in Omaha. Learn more about the company by visiting