Child Saving Institute (CSI, is looking to enhance the future of care in the Omaha community as it plans to expand its services and physical footprint by launching a $46 million capital campaign. CSI’s Campaign for Hope will allow the organization to continue to meet the dynamic needs of those it serves today, and over the next 100 years.

CSI has diligently evaluated the evolving needs of local children and families including the rapidly growing need for pediatric and adolescent therapy, an expanded emergency shelter, supportive early education services, and additional access to high-quality early childhood education.

To expand these services, CSI will nearly double its physical building space centrally located at 45th and Dodge St. This two-year project will allow for an on-site mental health clinic to be added to the facility, a newly built emergency shelter housing 16 beds for youth, four additional early childhood education classrooms with a STEAM classroom, and innovative treatment childcare classrooms added within its early childhood education center to address the needs of preschoolers unable to attend traditional school environments.

Additionally, the need for high-quality early childhood education continues to outpace the availability on a national, state, and local level. Locally, families often experience a nine-month wait, or even longer, in order to gain access to a childcare facility. The proposed expansion of CSI’s early childhood education center would increase its licensed capacity by 25%, enabling more Omaha families to receive high-quality early childhood education services and prepare more kids for kindergarten.

The Omaha community can join the effort in building a stronger community through Child Saving Institute’s Campaign for Hope initiative by visiting