Certified Power Solutions (www.certifiedpowersolutions.com) has announced the acquisition of Skarda Equipment Company (www.skarda.com)—a fluid power distributor serving all major industries across Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. Through this acquisition, Certified Power will expand its geographic reach and strengthen offerings and capabilities in industrial and mobile fluid power applications.

Skarda Equipment Company is known for its systems solutions and problem solving for electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications, customized inventory programs, and offers value added services, including custom assemblies and control solutions. The company is also a system integrator that designs custom solutions for industrial electrical applications through its affiliate company, Controlled Motion Dynamics, Inc.—which is also part of the acquisition by Certified Power. Skarda Equipment Company will be retaining its company name and locations, operating as a division of Certified Power Solutions.

For more than 50 years, Certified Power Solutions (CPS) has worked to move the fluid power industry forward with system integrations, solutions, and support. Certified Power is a premier value-added hydraulics and electronic controls supplier, specializing in the design, integration, and assembly of fluid power systems. For more information, contact Certified Power Solutions at (763) 493-9380 or via email at cps-mn@certifiedpower.com and visit them online at www.certifiedpowersolutions.com.

Skarda Equipment Co, Inc. is a family-owned distributor of fluid power and motion control components servicing Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Since 1969, Skarda Equipment has been serving the Midwest with components, systems, and solutions for industrial automation. Skarda is headquartered in Omaha. For more information, please visit www.skarda.com.