Carlson & Burnett LLP is pleased to announce they moved into a new building in a new location at 816 S. 169th Street, just north of Pacific Street.  Additional space became essential for Carlson & Burnett, LLP as the firm has tripled in size from its initial two founding partners of Darren R. Carlson and Anne K. Burnett in the spring of 2008.  The growth will continue into next year as two new attorneys will join the firm full time next summer- boosting its number of attorneys to eight.

Carlson & Burnett LLP
is the sole occupant of the 5,200 square foot building.  The building, with its unique contemporary design incorporates a number of novelties. Local builder Jesse Calabretto incorporated a recreational flair to the office building by constructing Omaha’s first regulation bocce ball court on the property.  Omaha’s premier muralist, David Abbott, incorporated a magnificent full wall mural of an Italian vineyard into the lounge that looks out over the patio and bocce court.

Carlson & Burnett handles a wide range of commercial, estate planning, divorce, real estate, litigation and juvenile law matters.

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