Buy It Local Omaha is pleased to announce Bag and Save Supermarkets, Max I Walker Uniform Rental Service, Max I. Walker Cleaners and Gretna Sanitation recently joined the nearly 145 members who are displaying the But It Local logo on store fronts, trucks and cars. Recently thousands of fans, who were part of a record crowd attending an Omaha Storm Chasers baseball game, were introduced to the Buy It Local Omaha Logo as a result of a BILO promotion at the ballpark.

Buy It Local Omaha was formed three years ago during the economic downturn  as a non-profit organization whose sole mission was to help improve the local economy by connecting consumers to Omaha-based and owned businesses. Over the past six months its presence and influence is being recognized and supported by consumers, businesses and the media.

For more information about Buy It Local Omaha (BILO) visit, or contact Mike Gerst at or (402) 289-1010.