Xtrakare (www.xtrakare.com) is offering new clients their first care service for free! The offer is limited to a maximum of four hours of service and ends December 31. Xtrakare offers CNA assistance at a rate of $25 to $35 per hour, which varies depending on the duration of the visit and the required level of care during the CNA’s presence.

Xtrakare was created from the compassion and dedication of their Founder, Johan Dovlo. His profound love for caring for others sparked the establishment of their care services. His personal belief of providing kind, compassionate care has been at the heart of Xtracare’s history, and continues to inspire their team every day.  He is not only a figurehead but also actively engages in caring for clients and frequently works as a caregiver himself. This enables him to truly empathize with the challenges caregivers face within our community.

The mission of Xtrakare is to enhance the quality of life for their clients by providing exceptional, affordable and tailored home care services. The hands-on involvement of Xtrakare’s owner distinguishes them from other home care providers, making them the new name in quality and affordable home care in Omaha. To learn more, visit www.xtrakare.com.