XP League Omaha (omaha.xpl.gg), 2563 S. 171st Ct., celebrated a grand opening back in February. They now have their doors open to invite youth gamers, ages 8 to 17, of all skill levels to their pro-level and coach-led esports experience.

There are three different membership options for the youths ranging from $149 to $249 per month. Each membership includes at least one practice and scrimmage per week, a custom jersey, in-house events and a moderated team Discord.

Currently, the new gaming arena has 18 gaming stations and a shoutcasting booth to stream games. XP League Omaha offers eight different games including Rocket League, Fortnite, League of Legends, Minecraft, Overwatch and Valorant.

Along with the pro-level gaming systems, the league has four certified coaches who are well-rounded in esports. Each kid who enters the Lakeside Plaza location receives a free coaching session to understand what XP League is.

XP League is an esports league that is modeled after classic youth sports organizations, making it easy for kids to understand their programming. Through coach and player training—that is custom-tailored by the PCA, Aim Lab and their program directors—anyone can become a successful coach. No video game or esports experience required! For more information and to sign up for a membership, visit omaha.xpl.gg.