Wurth Media and Reign Creatives Launch YouTube Channel, Media Wurth Creating

When COVID hit the U.S. in mid-March, Wurth Media Owner Kary Wurth and Reign Creatives Founder Adam Sotelo teamed up to launch a YouTube channel called Media Wurth Creating (MWC). Kary and Adam had both found themselves in the same stuck spot as a lot of business owners, thinking “What now?” With a shared passion for building brands and businesses through media, the two landed on a common goal to give back to those around them who were also impacted and didn’t have the same resources they did just days before. YouTube seemed to provide the best platform for their message, so the two dug in and created 10 episodes in two short weeks.

MWC is dedicated to helping business owners and professionals create content for social media with the tools they have at their disposal. Adapting to the ever-changing climate is necessary right now. Whether it be dealing with new budgetary restrictions or flipping your business offerings on their head, bringing your messages online via video and social media is more important than ever. However, not everyone knows how to get started. That is why Kary and Adam are providing digestible tips and tricks when it comes to creating social media and video/photo content pertaining to all businesses through short video format.

Wurth Media is a boutique social media agency, located in Omaha, focusing on creating brand awareness predominantly for businesses in the home and lifestyle industries. Kary creates and grows an organic and unique social media presence representative of your brand allowing you time to focus on your business. Learn more at karywurth.com.

Reign Creatives specializes in crafting a narrative for your brand, service or product through visual and audio collaboration. Adam strives to understand the message you want to relay to your audience and his job is to deliver that message in a visually captivating way. Go to www.reigncreatives.co for more information.