Headquartered in Omaha, NE, WhatsHappeningMobile, LLC is a new venture start-up internet Media Company co-founded by Mo N Rad. WhatsHappeningMobile builds online tools that helps connect with the world visually, and is excited to move into an environment where there is more talent, actors, directors, producers and brands wanting to enter the online video space. The U.S. search-engine advertising market is $17 billion annually and online advertising is $37 billion annually. Moreover, the entire U.S. advertising market is $150 billion and global advertising is a $495 billion market. So even if Google completely monopolized U.S. search-engine advertising, it would own 3.4% of global advertising market. From this angle, Google looks like a small player in a competitive world. WhatsHappeningMobile is beta testing a live streaming multi-channel media network.

Would you like to work for an Internet start-up? Want to help define how mobile applications impact the future of Live Broadcasting? WhatsHappeningMobile builds software that helps connect consumers, and businesses with businesses, using video and data to improve every day. The company is currently looking for young visionaries, nerds, and geeks. WhatsHappeningMobile is glad to have Matt Meacham and Matt Matuszeski as co-founders/Directors of the new organization. WhatsHappeningMobile, LLC was established in September 2014 with the belief that culture matters more than anything else.

For more information about WhatsHappeningMobile, LLC, please contact support@whatshappeningmobile.com or visit www.WhatsHappeningMobile.com.