This year, Valeriya Life (, a medical aesthetics center, will celebrate its fifth anniversary. It’s a milestone marked with deep meaning. V. Kettelhut, PhD, a former surgeon who founded the company and serves as its scientific liaison, stated, “We are grateful for the things in life that really matter: family, friends, good health and peace of mind. And we’ve set new priorities for the years ahead.”

From the start of their program, Valeriya Life emphasized the importance of regenerative treatments and rejuvenation as long-term solutions to aging and an alternative to short-term gratification fixes. This also included helping customers maintain a youthful appearance by practicing healthy living. As a result of their commitment to aesthetic wellness, they have expanded their practice to include special aesthetic rehabilitation services for people who have developed adverse effects after liposuction, surgical procedures, trauma and long-term dermal filler use or aggressive chemical peels.

Valeriya Life takes the time to educate each customer about how to age healthfully and preserve their beauty. Ultimately, their goal is to help clients feel confident, beautiful and in control of their appearance. Natural-looking results are one of their top priorities in achieving this goal.

Valeriya Life will continue to support our community and work with local businesses. They hope that by inspiring others, they can help them live their best lives. For more information about Valeriya Life, visit or call/text (531) 777-2752.