Union Bank & Trust Offers New Online Investment Accounts

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­­Union Bank & Trust now offers two new online investment accounts; Simply Invest and MyStyle Investment.  The investment accounts are offered in conjunction with Betterment LLC, a groundbreaking online investment product and registered investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Union Bank & Trust and Betterment LLC have entered into an exclusive agreement to provide the investment products in Union Bank’s primary market areas.

Simply Invest and MyStyle Investment are easy to set up, use, and manage online.  The accounts are linked to the investor’s bank account, allowing money to be easily transferred in and out at any time with no cost.

The two investment products are targeted for unique audiences.  MyStyle Investment is directed to the younger millennial generation and serves as a complement to the bank’s unique MyStyle Banking suite of products for this age group.  Simply Invest is available to all other investors.

Union Bank & Trust Company is a privately owned, Nebraska bank that offers complete banking, lending, investment and trust services.

Additional information and an online demo are available at www.betterment.com/simplyinvest.

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