Max I. Walker is pleased to announce they have been awarded the AMA Pinnacle Award for the Ultra Chic Prom Boutique event.  This annual event is held in February and the 2011 AMA Pinnacle Awards banquet was held on Friday, April 15th.

Max I. Walker was honored to receive a Pinnacle Award – top honors from the Omaha Chapter of the American Marketing Association – for their continued efforts on the Ultra Chic Prom Boutique.  Over the past four years, the Ultra Chic Prom Boutique has collected over 4,000 dresses and donated nearly $28,000 to the Lydia House.

Max I. Walker Cleaners was founded by Max I. Walker on March 17, 1917. As a family owned and operated business, over the years it has grown from a small route business to a company with hundreds of employees.  Today, Max I. Walker has 25 retail locations throughout the Omaha metro area. For more information about Max Walker Cleaners, please visit or call (402) 558-3677.