Spring is upon us and is a notorious time for severe weather.  When the skies threaten, people turn to their wireless device for weather updates. U.S. Cellular recommends using free apps through Google Play to keep you safe and updated.  These include The Weather Channel, WeatherBug, MyRadar, GO Weather and AccuWeather for Android.  During severe weather, smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S III can give you quick access to a host of apps, websites and emergency information that will help keep you and your family safe and connected.  These apps provide you with the tools to stay on top of severe weather, and U.S. Cellular also recommends keeping your phone charged at all times, having a charger located in your vehicle.  Additionally, if phone service is impacted by a high volume of calls during a storm, try sending a text message.  Text messages take up less bandwidth on a network than calls and may work when phone service is intermittent.

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