TradeGamz has rebranded to (, marking a significant shift in its vision. The decision stems from a responsive approach to community feedback, aiming to be more inclusive by encompassing all career opportunities rather than focusing solely on trades. This strategic rebranding reflects their commitment to adapting and evolving to meet the diverse needs of the communities they serve. With this expanded vision, is poised to offer a more comprehensive and inclusive career exploration experience, aligning with their dedication to empowering individuals on their diverse career journeys., formerly TradeGamz, is a platform for helping students and job seekers find their path to a happy and successful career by connecting with businesses and professionals for career exploration and opportunities. Students and job seekers are able to explore different industries and career opportunities and learn directly from the professionals already doing it. works with educators and professionals to share their knowledge and experience as it relates to their career. With professional insight, experience and education, students and job seekers will be able to identify their areas of interest and connect directly with businesses on the platform.

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