Jeff Dousharm and Wayne Boesiger of Tomorrow’s Online Marketing will be traveling to Ft. Lauderdale in March to speak at an event on online marketing.  And though most don’t realize the event is going on, they see the impact and effects from it on a daily basis as the people involved are the ones who make businesses or even complete industries rise and fall.  This is the world of online marketing, search engine optimization, website design, strategic online sales consulting and other specialties that make “the magic” happen when it comes to companies who want to dominate their competition.  Some of the most influential people in the industry go to this event to train, share and have access to the ideas that will shape the future.

Wayne Boesiger will be speaking on some of the strategies they’ve designed for beating the commoditized online marketing companies by using more effective research and development techniques.  Jeff Dousharm will also be speaking on the entrepreneurial side of the equation and how to structure and grow a technical (and rapidly changing) business into a systemized and highly profitable model that attracts and develops the right relationships with clients and staffing alike.

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