Tigerpaw Software Inc., a leading developer of business automation and service management software announced today the release of Tigerpaw 12. This release offers a cleaner, more streamlined version of Tigerpaw, which was refined to be even more intuitive in order to work the way customers use it in their businesses every day.

Three of the six enhancements in Tigerpaw 12 came out of a live design session at the company’s last national user conference. During the session, hundreds of users provided their insights regarding enhancements to Tigerpaw via text messaging and polling software. This live design session further expands the user-driven model used by Tigerpaw, which includes frequent meetings with their Customer Advisory Group (CAG). CAG members help refine suggestions given to Tigerpaw via various channels into an actionable development plan for each new release.

For more than 25 years, Tigerpaw Software has designed industry leading, business automation software to help people manage technology businesses more efficiently.

To learn more about Tigerpaw 12, contact Tigerpaw by phone at 800.704.9009; via email at info@tigerpawsoftware.com; or visit them online at www.tigerpawsoftware.com/products/latest-features.aspx.