Each year Tiger-Rock Academies in both Lincoln and Omaha get absolutely slammed with new applications for enrollment.  Beth Leipold, executive manager for all of the Lincoln and Omaha locations, decided this year could be different and easier for all of the new families if they simply opened the enrollment dates sooner so as to spread everything out and give people more time and attention for getting enrolled.  Currently Tiger-Rock Academies are accepting applications for their summer program at www.LincolnSummer.com and www.OmahaSummer.com where kids and adults can get more information and reserve their spots.

This has become one of the most popular summer programs in Nebraska over the years because parents realize how much of an impact the Tiger-Rock Academy’s program has on kids, not just by keeping them active and healthy, but also in developing the discipline and focus needed to be more successful at school and at home.

For more information about Tiger-Rock Academy for either city’s programs, contact Beth Leipold at BLeipold@gmail.com. You can also visit them online at www.tracademy.com.